West Sioux Educational Foundation was established to enhance the educational programs in the West Sioux School District. The Foundation provides support for development of unique enrichment programs and services. These “above and beyond” programs make the difference between a good education and an excellent education.

It is no secret we stand on the threshold of an unknown future. The next several years will be a time of great challenge and even greater opportunity. Our children will be part of this unseen future. To maximize their opportunities, they need an education which not only teaches them the skills to deal with new technologies, but fully nurtures their critical thinking and creativity.

WSEF is commited to educational excellence — in the core academics, in the arts and humanities, and in the technological fields. However, funding considerations can mean the difference between “good” and “excellent”. Through private funding, the Foundation enhances innovations on the road to excellence.

We invite you to join us in preparing for the future by contributing to the WSEF — a partnership for innovation in public education. Our most precious resource is our children. Together we can enable our children, our community, and West Sioux Community School District to be on the leading edge of education.

“It takes a whole village to educate a child.”